Midwest Classic Insurance

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When you insure your collectible vehicle insure it with car people, Midwest Classic Insurance. We want to be more than your agent, we want to be a cruising buddy as well.  We are more than another Insurance Agency wanting your business.  We are car people.  We proudly drive a. strange assortment of cars and enjoy them as you do yours.  You wouldn't take your "baby" to just anyone to have work done to it, why doesn't your insurance deserve the same concern.

Take a cruise with us through the rest of our site for nice cars, great links, and oh yeah and details on our insurance program as well.

Changes made starting in March of 2020

Starting in March of 2020 Infinity Insurance Company will no longer be writing new business.  They will continue servicing policies and claims but will not be writing new business.  They will continue to send renewals out for the States of California, Idaho, and New York.  On our behalf they have been working with Hagerty to provide a competitive quote for our clients with special rating.  You will receive a renewal offer from Hagerty and in addition we will be looking at the other two markets in our office American Modern & American Collectors.  Our most important consideration is to be sure we can continue doing a great job for you in service, costs, and claims.  If you have any questions concerning this transition or get a renewal offer before we have been able to reach out to you please contact our office and talk with Robbin or Norma.  After hours drop us an email at robbin@midwestclassicins.com or norma@midwestclassicins.com and we will be sure to get back to you in a timely manner.

Call today to get a quote on your Collector Car Insurance

Call today @ 1-888-271-4000 to get that free no obligation quote or send us information about your car and the State you are in and we will try to put something together for you to give you a ballpark idea on what your coverage premium would be.