Midwest Classic Insurance

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We had a page that had all that usual insurance jargon to complete to get a quote, but I felt it was a burden on most people and to be completely honest a lot of people did not know what it all meant anyway.  To apply for our insurance program took less time than getting a quote, so if you want a quick quote on your insurance give me a call at our toll free number at 888-271-4000 or call/text us at 217-438-6235.


We are presently writing in all States but Alaska and Hawaii. If you have any insurance questions you would like answered, give us a call and we would be glad to help you.  You can also email any questions you might have, even if they are not related to classic car insurance.  We have almost 70 years of experience and we are happy to share any knowledge we might have.  Should we not have the answer to your question, we will try and obtain it for you.

Thanks for your interest, please email me at robbin@midwestclassicins.com

Robbin R. Terry, CIC

President - Midwest Classic Insurance

Insurance protection is not about the lowest price possible.  It is about providing our clients with the appropriate coverage for a price that fits their budget.  After being in the business for over 40 years we would rather not write a policy than write one wrong for someone.  Carriers do not always agree with how we do business but we work for you, the insured, not the Company. 

  • Mileage options in most states call for details
  • Insured vehicles not used for general transportation.
  • Driving record of drivers is good (email or call with questions)
  • Work use of the vehicle prohibited.
  • Experienced drivers of 10 years, in some cases we can waive this.
  • Stored vehicles are in a locked building, some carports are now allowed
  • Timed and racing events not covered.
We are proud to represent American Modern Insurance Group, American Collectors & Hagerty Insurance.